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My best writing comes when experiences and insights on a certain subject reach critical mass. The following three posts were written for the blog and featured on the home page of, a website with worldwide reach. They highlight my personal voice and insight, and many people reached out to me in person and online to tell me how these posts had touched them.

The Gift of Being Broken” is the blog’s top-performing post to date, with over 22K likes and 5K shares on Facebook from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Facebook page alone within the first five days of being posted.

To My Friends Going through a Quarter-Life Crisis” was a piece directed to a Millennial audience and takes a lighter tone than the other two pieces I wrote for the blog. What twenty-something hasn’t gone through some sort of crisis about what the heck they’re going to do with their life?

“Spring Will Come” is a healing piece that deals with some deep themes of loss and grief. Reflective and metaphorical, it outlines my process of coping with the loss of my mother to cancer.